Keisha Freeman
Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready!
“I’ve trained with EJ for about 2 years now. Kickboxing, Boxing, MMA, and general fitness. Solid guy who will help you achieve your fitness goals. Happy training people!!”

David Melacon
“After EJ finished his contract the UFC I joined his personal training program and he has helped me with nutritional advice at our weekly training sessions for about 2 years now. I’m very happy with his workouts and would highly recommend EJ to anyone seeking a personal trainer in the Orange County and LA area”

Chris Galassi
Professional level performance
“Consistent, intuitive, approachable engaging and hard working. EJ has the legitimate ability to recognize and capitalize on your strengths while quickly identifying and tuning your deficiencies. Each training session I walk away physically and mentally challenged with something new, in better shape and with better technique. I have personally observed EJ teach and advise gym owners, corporate executives, highest level competitors, hobbyists or just weekend warriors. Zero attitude. Zero ego. 100% focused on you.”

Raquel Andrade
“If you are looking to learn mixed martial arts and really learn the technique look no further. EJ is the BEST!!! He’s an expert and passionate in what he does. He’s very professional, patient and takes his time explains everything very clear. He’s very positive and keeps you motivated to do better. He’s Flexible and works with your schedule. Every Training session is always awesome and fun! I enjoy learning the technique even when it’s challenging. I’ve been training with EJ for many months now and I will keep train with him for as long as I can! I highly recommend choosing him as a trainer!!! I promise You will not be disappointed!!!”

Chris Glew
EJ is the man!!
“EJ is an absolute beast and an amazing trainer. His attention to detail is beyond anyone I have ever trained with. I have been training and doing private lessons for years with highly skilled trainers. EJ is at the top of the hill. I am a Jiu Jitsu brown belt and EJ has elevated my game to another level. Best trainer for boxing, Jiu Jitsu, cardio and general fitness.”

Dayton Lowe
“I’ve been training several months with Titan MMA Fitness and I’ve enjoyed each workout. Ernest in knowledgeable, patient and friendly showing you proper technique to the workout that he tailor-makes for you to achieve your fitness goals. I have left each training session exhausted and satisfied. I highly recommend adding Titan MMA Fitness to your fitness routine.”

Lance Templeton
“EJ is an outstanding trainer! He combines his successful MMA career knowledge with a methodical approach, tailored to meet your individual needs.”

Anna Mohr
“EJ is a truly excellent trainer. He has the perfect combination of toughness and encouragement in his trainings. EJ has worked with my son for 2 years now and works with him both mentally and physically. EJ is outstanding in teaching the techniques and strategies of Jiu Jitsu, boxing, and wrestling. He teaches proper posture and overall physical strength and fitness. EJ is the complete training package! Because of his efforts, my son is stronger, more talented, and has a greater self-confidence. I recommend EJ to anyone without reservation!”

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