Benefits of Women’s Self Defense Courses

Women knowing self defense techniques such as punching, kicking, blocking and choke breaks is more vital than ever. Aside from a safety point of view, there are several benefits to women’s self defense training that assist in other aspects of life

Benefits of Women’s Self Defense

Enhancing Discipline and Perseverance

Discipline and perseverance are just like muscles, the more you use them the stronger they get. The practice of self-defense teaches to use your ability (techniques, strengths and will) to take control of a bad situations. Techniques are learned through repetition and repetition requires discipline and perseverance. The driving forces behind everyone’s personal stability, structure and success.

Taking Control of Fear

A women’s self-defense course teaches you how to confront and take control of fear. Fear is a natural human emotion and can never be eliminated. It is important to recognize this and take control of your fear immediately. Correctly channeling the unnerving energy allows you to stay level headed – cutting down your reaction time and allowing you to take control of bad situations when they arise. Having this skill will ease your general anxieties.

Feeling Empowered & Self Confident

Self defense courses utilize several drills to train your mind and instincts. After attending a women’s self defense course, women feel empowered and self confident. The change in attitude and behavior has been well documented by a study conducted by Sociologist Jocelyn Hollander from the University of Oregon. The study indicated that the rate of unwanted sexual advances was reduced by 50%. This attributed to the self-confidence women felt about their acquired awareness, ability to de-escalate, prevent and/or remove themselves from potentially dangerous situations.

Healthier Lifestyle

Women’s self-defense courses increase your strength, speed, balance, coordination and cardiovascular health. To put things plainly, a self defense course assists in all areas of an individual’s short and long term physical health goals. This coupled with a healthy diet bares the best results.

Self defense is an option and should be seen as a personal requirement. It’s important to have the benefits of confidence, discipline, and a healthy lifestyle. It’s just as important to have the proper reaction to defend against a unforeseen assault so if you haven’t taken classes before, I highly recommend looking around your local area. If you are into video tutorials, feel free to check out: Ernest Chavez for self defense tips and techniques. If you’re in the Los Angeles, Orange, or Imperial county area and looking for a self defense training contact me here.

If you are looking for an in depth video series on how to defend yourself? Click here to check out Real Life Self Defense.

My name is Ernest Chavez and I own and operate Titan Self Defense. We provide group and personal self defense training for women and children. We are centralized throughout southern California, specifically Orange, LA and Imperial county. We make sure the training is fun and the techniques are effective and rigorous enough to provide realistic experience.

Throughout my life, I have always been heavily involved in sports. During my 20's and early 30's, I pursued a professional mixed martial arts career. After retiring, I found a passion in teaching self defense. I furthered my kid's and women's defense education with Jimmy Terrell and National Training Force Academy. After decades of training, I have vast experience working with women and children from varied fitness levels and backgrounds

National Force Training Academy (NFTA) Women's Self-Defense Instructor
NFTA Kid's Bully Defense & Abduction Prevention Instructor
Brazilian Top Team Brown Belt
UFC Veteran
NESTA Certified Personal Trainer
MMA Condition Association Certified